The Price Is Right model Amber Lancaster took a little tumble in her stilettos during the show on Friday.

Don't worry, she's OK.

But a stage light was not so lucky. RIP stage light.

"What..geez!" host Drew Carey exclaimed sympathetically.

The contestant on stage, a blonde woman wearing flat and extremely sensible tennis shoes, appeared horrified.

"Did I do that?" she asked, as Lancaster and a second model, who sported black stiletto sandals, laughed.

"Are you OK? she asked Lancaster, who replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just gonna die of embarrassment."

She later tweeted, "Pretty embarrassing #blooper #tpir #AmbersBootyVsLightbulb."

Drew Carey, Amber Lancaster, The Price Is Right


Being a weekday game show, accidents are bound to happen on The Price is Right...and they have before.

In January, announcer George Gray took a tumble on a treadmill onstage.

And then there was that time a Price Is Right model accidentally gave away a car...

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