The View Co-Hosts Talk Sex Education: Candace Cameron Bure Discusses Her Kids and Joy Behar Gives TMI

The Full House and Fuller House star is known for her conservative views

By Corinne Heller Oct 23, 2015 6:48 PMTags

TMI alert!

The ladies of The View debated the topic of sex education on Friday, following recent outrage by many parents about plans to update sex education programs in public schools in Omaha, Nebraska. Candace Cameron Bure discussed her own children's experiences and co-host and comedienne Joy Behar got rather candid about her personal life.

Candace, 39, said her and husband Valeri Bure's children attended Christian schools until eighth grade and are now in public high schools. The two are parents to daughter Natasha, 17, and sons Lev, 15, and Maksim, 13.

"I do want them to be in that class 'cause I want them to learn all perspectives but I also think its important to realize that you have a right, as a parent, to opt out if you want," said Cameron, known for her conservative views. "My daughter had told me that when she went through the class, there were things that she was very uncomfortable [with] and thought were thought were inappropriate and a lot of that is the discretion of the teacher, of how they teach, 'cause of them implement personal opinion that she felt crossed the line."

"But it opened up this wonderful discussion at home and we're very open about it at home," the co-host and Full House and Fuller House star added.


Co-host and comedienne Michelle Collins, 34, said she took her first sex ed class when she was in the fifth grade.

"And I didn't have sex until like 20 years later," she said. "But the point is, it didn't affect me and how I live my life and was just educational. I don't think it's wrong to learn about condoms at a young age."

"I learned about sex in my father's Coca-Cola truck," said Behar, 73, who is a grandmother. "My father was a truck driver."

"My girlfriend Julie said to me, 'The man gets a big belly and the woman gets a big belly and one of them has a baby,'" added the co-host. "So she was half-right."