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When an unflattering (not to mention, private) photo of Vin Diesel hanging out on a balcony in Miami went public earlier this month, people hopped on the opportunity to body shame and critique him…but he's not too worried about the haters.

The Last Witch Hunter star, 48, sat down with Complex magazine to remind the world that his body has been one of the best in the industry for years.

"I have lots of kids, but you know, how do I feel about the invasion? That sneaky invasion of privacy feels weird. That's not right.," he tells the publication. "How do I feel about people being so focused on [my body]? I'm okay because I've had the best body in New York City for decades. There is no love lost there for me."

Vin Diesel

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The father-of-three adds, "It's like, dad bod goes viral. Like really? I get it, you know? I mean, a) I don't have to be in front of the camera for a couple months and b) I really am a dad."

Not to mention, sometimes putting on some extra weight and having a "dad bod" helps him land bigger roles.

"I play fat roles sometimes. Jackie DiNorscio [from 2006's Find Me Guilty] was a character that was dealing with obesity in some ways," he explains. "And the whole fun of that character was to play fat Jack and play this man. So I would rather have the type of body that can comply to a certain role."

Essentially, Diesel says he's landing roles, making money and finding success no matter what he looks like—dad bod or not.

"I am going to be making films long after I grace the covers of Men's Fitness," he adds.

Take that, haters!

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Meanwhile, the actor also spoke out on the topic in an interview with BBC's Newsbeat. "I think that it is ultimately wrong…I think people should be less judgmental and more just loving," he said. "You hear people talk about haters all the time, and there are people who process haters differently."

Thus, instead of getting upset, Diesel simply posted a photo on social media of his rock-hard abs to prove he's still got it.

"I feel sorry for people who have to cut other people down to feel better about themselves," he said of the commenters. "They do it for profit too and that's the dark side of fame."

Read his full interview in Complex here.

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