Grey's Anatomy Brought Discomfort to Dinner While Scandal & HTGAWM Brought Out the Love

Find out what went down in Shondaland this week, from awkward dinner parties to emotional speeches to a whole lotta "I love yous"

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Grey's Anatomy

That may have been the worst dinner party ever, but it was a great episode.

Something about the lack of music and the varying levels of silence amidst the chaos of a dinner-party-gone-wrong made our hearts race just as much as some of Grey's Anatomy's bloodiest episodes, but we've also never been so uncomfortable, or felt so bad for literally everyone.

We felt bad for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who was forced to interact with the doctor who let her husband die. We felt bad for Penny, that doctor, who was also forced to relive the worst night of her life in front of the people whose friend or brother she killed. We also felt bad for Maggie (Kelly McCreary), because she believed she had an STD after her tryst with Andrew, but that's was slightly less relevant.

Meredith kept her connection to Penny a secret all night, but the truth finally came out when the gang finally sat down to a very late dinner.

Unfortunately for everyone, Penny had another secret: she had gotten a job at Grey Sloane Memorial.

At first, Meredith fled from the table (followed sweetly by Alex), and demanded that she be fired, and Penny offered to ask to be transferred somewhere else, but eventually Meredith relented and told Penny she could keep her new job.

Based on the previews for the next episode, however, that new job does not go well, as if it ever could. 



We would not want to be Olivia Pope or President Fitz right now. 

Tonight, Fitz continued to deal with the very real possibility of impeachment while Olivia dealt with her PR nightmare…by bringing in her exes. (Hi, Edison, we missed you! Wish we could say the same for you, Marcus.) She recruited Edison to serve as a character witness for the press, and then went on the air with a beautifully emotional interview. "Don't ask me to fall out of love with Fitzgerald Grant, because if I could I would," she said when asked if she regretted any part of her situation.

Meanwhile, Mellie and Cyrus had their own pity party, which was interrupted when Fitz called for Cyrus to ask him to rejoin his team. Cyrus quickly realized it was because Fitz needed him to deny that he'd seen the West Angola tape, so instead, he got all Taylor Swift and told his former BFF, "This band is never, ever getting back together. I do not need this, and I do not need you. Not anymore."

But Fitz didn't want his bestie/political mastermind to go that easily, and convinced Cyrus to join his team once more—but with one condition: Elizabeth North needed to go. Permanently. Bye, Portia de Rossi!

Bonus intel: Olivia and Fitz got it on to "Let's Get It On," a.k.a. a song so perfect we're surprised it hasn't been used many times on this show before, and also Olivia met Jake's wife. "How do you know her?" asked Olivia. "She's my wife," said Jake. Awkward!


How to Get Away With Murder

Finally, Asher (Matt McGorry) is included in the flash-forward shenanigans…sort of! In tonight's episode, we learned he and Bonnie (Liza Weil) are also at the Mansion the night Annalise is shot, with Bonnie's shirt covered in blood and a terrified Asher riding shotgun in her car, telling him,  "It's almost over. Promise." Too bad for her he's at the police station saying he wants to make a statement by episode' end. Who knew "doucheface" would be the character with the most morals?!

In the present-day, Bonnie is working overtime to try and stop Asher from testifying against Annalise, even saying "I love you" for the first time. But did she actually mean it? Hm…we're not quite sure. And because he also loves her (which we don't question at all), Asher is about to testify, before Annalise decides to reveal his GF's tragic backstory, pressing play on a DVD so we can finally "Meet Bonnie":  It's an evidence video featuring a young Bonnie being sexually abused by her father, which he filmed. Like Asher, we were horrified by what we saw. But also because we're not sure if Annalise is telling the truth, lying OR telling the truth just manipulate Asher. (Anyone think Annalise was the lawyer to send her father away, perhaps? Which is why she tells Nate Bonnie is like her child?)


Also going down in the deliciously jam-packed episode? Another "I love you," as Connor (Jack Falahee) said those three little words to Ollie (Conrad Ricamora), who didn't have a chance to say them back just yet. (Still, a great and rare moment of vulnerability for Conor), and guest star Matt Cohen's Levi (aka Eggs 911) was arrested, with Frank (Charlie Weber) planting meth in his trunk to get him off their backs. Poor puppy Wes (Alfred Enoch), you need to step it up if you want to sit at the adults' table.

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