Sarah Silverman Really Wants to Have Kids, But Being a Mom Freaks Her Out

Funny lady thinks she'd make a better dad than a mom

By Marc Malkin Oct 23, 2015 12:00 PMTags
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Sarah Silverman really wants to have kids.

"You know how some guys have a rubber neck about like hot girls' butts or whatever?" Silverman tells me while promoting I Smile Back, her new indie drama in which she stars as a mom of two whose life and marriage unravel because of her mental illness and drug addiction. "That's me with babies and toddlers and even like children and young teens."

She goes on, "They fortify me. I love them."

However, it doesn't sound like she's going to become a mom anytime soon.

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"I just don't have a life conducive to this," said Silverman, 44. "I could be a fun dad. I could do that. I could go on the road and come home and 'Daddy's home!' and give them everything I have and just love them to pieces when I'm home and have a career and a life...I live in a little apartment. Sometimes I sit and [think], So my guest room would be the baby's room and then I'd just buy it clothes and food? I don't how people do it. It's so huge.

But people do it.

"It's so much and there's no going back," Silverman said. "It's a big decision. I don't know how people make it so cavalierly. They're human lives you're responsible for."

Directed by Adam Salky, I Smile Back is based on the Amy Koppelman novel of the same name. Silverman's co-stars include Josh Charles and Thomas Sadoski.

The film is in theaters now.