Hulk Can't Be Restrained, Ex Still Trying to Milk Him

Linda Hogan says the $40,000 she's getting each month doesn't cover it, while her boyfriend's request for a restraining order is denied

By Natalie Finn Nov 27, 2008 12:27 AMTags
Linda Hogan, Hulk HoganNancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press

Hulk Hogan's estranged wife thinks he isn't giving her enough, while her new beau thinks the wrestling star is dishing out way too much.

Less than a week after Linda Hogan's boyfriend's request for a restraining order against Hogan was denied, the former Hogan Knows Best matriarch publicly stated that she thinks the $40,000 per month in support she's receiving is a "drop in the bucket" compared to what her hulking hubby earned over the course of their marriage.

And she's heading to court to ask for an additional $400,000, according to documents filed Nov. 21.

"It is all relative. That is what people don't understand. You can't compare what Linda gets to your own income of $50K a year, you have to compare it to Hulk's onetime income of $12 to $16 million a year and the lifestyle that comes with it. That puts it into perspective," Linda's publicist, Gary Smith, said in a statement Tuesday.

Well, in that case...

Citing the affair that Linda claims Hogan had with their daughter Brooke's best friend, as well as "a roller coaster of numerous occasions of cheating followed by pleas for forgiveness," Smith says that his client "has not received anywhere near what she is legally entitled to."

According to Linda's camp, hefty monthly legal fees (due largely in part to delays caused by her soon-to-be ex, she maintains) are eating up at least half of what Hogan's giving her. And, Smith says, she has been saddled with the care of seven dogs and the upkeep of the family's Belleair, Fla., home (valued at $7.3 million), while Hogan "took their $3 million beach house for himself."

"The wife is not required to deplete her principal assets or reduce the standard of living she has enjoyed throughout the marriage in order to pay her temporary attorneys' fees and costs," her Nov. 21 filing states.

"This has been a complete waste of time, energy and resources to satisfy my ex-husband's narcissistic need for absolute control and total domination," Linda said.

But Hulk Hogan hasn't been seeking that much domination, according to a Florida judge.

Last week, Linda's 20-year-old beau, Charles Hill, fruitlessly filed a motion for an order of protection against the American Gladiators cohost, which stated that a couple of incidents this month led Hill to believe that Hogan would "attempt to kill or injure him, since Petitioner is dating respondent's estranged wife, Linda Bollea."

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, "dangerously followed" Hill in his car at about 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 11, pulling up next to Hill and staring at him, while the following day Hogan followed Hill home from the beach, "tailgating and intimidating" him, according to the petition filed Nov. 20.

The motion, obtained by the St. Petersburg Times, was denied that day.

Hogan's camp has said that they want to see proof that Linda is really running out of money. She filed for divorce last year after 23 years of marriage.