Martin O'Malley Sings Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on The View—Watch Now!

Presidential hopeful offers up song in response to Katy Perry performing at Democratic rival Hillary Clinton rally

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 20, 2015 6:24 PMTags

Ryan Adams isn't the only one who can cover Taylor Swift's music—just ask presidential hopeful Martin O'Malley!

The Democratic politician played the guitar and sang his own folksy version of "Bad Blood" on The View Tuesday. Martin also took a clear stance on the song's topic: The purported feud between Taylor and Katy Perry!

"Katy Perry, I'm told, is doing like a benefit concert for one of my opponents in Iowa," he said, referring to the pop star's scheduled performance Saturday at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Des Moines. "So in response, I thought I'd offer this up for Taylor Swift."

John Gurzinski/Getty Images

Well, that was nice of Martin to keep things balanced on the frenemy/same-party opponent front. It doesn't seen all that likely, though, that Taylor will be returning the favor in the form of an endorsement. Unlike Katy, the country-turned-pop star usually stays mum when it comes to political issues.

The "Dark Horse" singer, however, isn't shy about showing her support for the Democrats. Back in 2012, she performed at a reelection rally for President Barack Obama (wearing a ballot dress, pictured above). She went on to perform at his inauguration, introduced him to her grandma and even bonded with the POTUS on Twitter.

Something tells us she's well on her way to achieving that kind of camaraderie with another politician. Did we mention "Roar" is on "The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist" on Spotify? It sure is—and while Marc Anthony, Ariana Grande and another of other pop stars are on there, too, there is no track from Taylor.

Who knew playlists could be so political?! In any case, do yourself a favor and watch Martin O'Malley's "Bad Blood" performance in the view above!