Drake Shows Off Some Interesting Dance Moves in ''Hotline Bling'' Music Video—Watch Now!

Rapper had been teasing the release for several days

By Bruna Nessif Oct 20, 2015 1:35 AMTags

You know who's feelin' Drake's "Hotline Bling" track more than you? Drake.

The OVO rapper dropped the highly anticipated music video for his hit single (which has been topping the Billboard charts for weeks now), and what you'll see is a fairly simple Director X creation that is really all about showcasing Drizzy's dance moves. What kind of moves, you ask?

Well, picture yourself pacing around your living room while listening to the song and bobbing your head to the beat, a little more than usual but not so much that you could hurt yourself. Pair that with some facial expressions and shoulder bouncing, and you pretty much got it.

If that imagery doesn't work, imagine someone's dad dancing to the song at a school dance.

There it is.

The video opens with a number of ladies working at what seems to be a phone sex hotline, before cutting to Drake dancing in an illuminating cube.

While singing the extremely catchy track, he exhibits the type of dancing explained above, and then gets a little more into it near the end with some pelvis-thrusting and hip-swerving. It even gets a bit sexual when he picks up a female dancer and moves with her while her legs are wrapped around his waist. OK, Drizzy, we see you.

We're not sure how his rumored girlfriend Serena Williams is going to feel about that, but she's probably too busy stuntin' with her bad self to worry, anyway. The tennis pro is featured in Harper's Bazaar's November issue as part of their Daring Women spread, and looks mighty fine in an all-white jumpsuit and Nike tennis gear with matching stilettos.

That hotline will probably bling tonight.