Jimmy Kimmel Reveals His Biggest Struggle Upon Returning to Brooklyn, Dishes on His Daughter's Halloween Costume—Watch!

Late night host takes his show back to Brooklyn for the week

By Kendall Fisher Oct 19, 2015 8:08 PMTags
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Jimmy Kimmel will return to Brooklyn tonight to host Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the Howard Gilman Opera House at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the week. It's the second time he's taken his show back to his hometown, and when he sat down to chat with E! News about his return, he couldn't help but divulge some of the craziness that happened the first time around.

"When we were here the last time and the hurricane hit, it was crazy and a little bit scary and sad because so many people were without power and displaced," he reveals, referencing 2012's Hurricane Sandy. "We had our whole crew sleeping in our theatre because they weren't able to get home. Nobody had any gasoline. It was a time of great uncertainty."

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel's Show Returns to Brooklyn

Though difficult, he notes that the experience became a time of bonding. "In a way that turned out to be a positive thing in that everybody came together, and I think we bonded in a way that we would not have had it been a typical week."

Still, he says, "We're hoping for a less eventful week this time. We certainly don't want a hurricane. The Mets being in the playoffs is really the only excitement we need!"

However, he knows one thing that will guarantee some frustration: deciding where to eat.

"In Brooklyn, there's more great pizza in one square block than there is in the whole city of L.A.," he says with the utmost confidence. "For me, when I get here, the only time I get flusteredis where I have to decide where to eat…Sometimes it will take me hours because I can't decide on where to go!"

Such a dilemma!


Meanwhile, the late night host also got to chatting about his daughter, Jane—a name people can't stop applauding him for choosing.

"She's 15-months-old, my daughter Jane," he tells us with a smile on his face. "It's funny because I guess famous people name their kids such crazy things that—it's as if I've accomplished something by giving her a normal name!"

Just like her daddy, she's already showing a ton of personality, including a love for entertaining other people!

"She's cute! She's starting to say words. Hopefully she won't pick up any curse words. I'm trying to watch my language around her," he says, adding, "She's walking, she likes to wave at people. She likes getting involved with families that aren't hers."  LOL!

With Halloween right around the corner, Kimmel says he and his wife Molly McNearny have started thinking about what to dress their daughter in.

"We haven't decided. She may be in two outfits," he explains. "We're going for something warm, that's really our primary goal is to dress her in a costume that is warm. So she might be a monkey. She's gonna be an animal of some kind."

So precious! We cannot wait to see pics!