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This modern day crimp may not be the sleek, polished fall beach wave, but it is about to be your new favorite weekday hairstyle because it has the potential to carry you throughout your workweek with little to no upkeep. "The flat S-wave achieves an ambiguous texture with a bend that will last you days," guaranteed celeb hairstylist Graham Nation.

Celebs like Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson are often seen out and about in the intricate-seeming style, likely for its low-maintenance, long-lasting qualities. Although it might look too ambitious to style for a Monday morning, don't be fooled. This grungy-in-a-good way look, that surprisingly gets better-looking as the week goes on, is created via one simple clamping motion.

ESC, Must do Monday Flat S Wave

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1. Begin by prepping hair with a thermal protectant spray before applying heat.

2. Using a small flat iron, section hair into 2-inch sections to crimp one at a time.

3. To heat up the hair, run the iron over the section once before starting on the crimp.

4. Starting 2 inches from the root, leaving a bit of slack to create the S-shape, clamp hair for 5 seconds.

5. "Leaving slack at the top as you continue to move down, and tugging the bottom once hair is securely clamped, will help to further define each bend," recommended Graham.

6. Moving right below that first impression, clamp hair again for 5 seconds, repeating and moving towards the ends. 

ESC, Must do Monday Flat S Wave

Alex Shea/E!

7. "The trick is to randomly angle the iron with each new clamp so that the bend isn't uniform," said the pro.

8. Repeat clamping each strand, leaving out the bottom 2 inches of hair.

9. Repeat until entire head is completely crimped.

10. To finish, run oil on the ends of hair.

11. "All you need to do to freshen the look throughout the week is simply spritz hair with dry shampoo and touch up around the front sections with the iron to quickly redefine texture," said the stylist. 

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