Taylor Swift doesn't particularly like being questioned about past relationships, but all bets are off when Ryan Adams is interviewing her!

During a recent sit-down for GQ, the pop star, 25, basically volunteered an anecdote involving an ex-boyfriend when Adams, 40, asked whether she'd ever come up with a lyric in her dreams.

"In the song 'All You Had to Do Was Stay,' there's this really high-pitched 'Stay,'" she began. "I had a dream that my ex showed up at my door, knocked on the door, and I opened it up and I was about ready to launch into like the perfect thing to say, and instead, all that would come out of my mouth was that high-pitch chorus of people singing 'Stay!'"

Adams, who covered Swift's 1989 album in its entirety, admitted he didn't even try and take on  that particular line in "All You Had to Do Was Stay." As a result, his version of the song was drastically different than Swift's.

"You know when actors say a line, they say a sentence, but they say it with different emphasis on different words and they completely change it? That's what you did with my album," she said, as the GQ cameras rolled on.

Another thing Swift and Adams approach differently is how they essentially "recharge" if they get stuck during the songwriting process. "If I'm ever stuck when I'm writing, I could just put a Smiths record on and it's kind of like if my songwriting was like an iPhone, it like recharges it in like five minutes," said Adams. 

"Really," replied Swift. "Well, its never been other music [for me], but For 1989, I would watch John Hughes movies, and I would think, 'OK, pause. Freeze frame. What's she thinking in this moment? What's he thinking in this moment?'"

"Because 1989 I wrote when I was single," she explained. "I didn't have much, you know, intense drama going on. I was like living for my friends and I was living in New York and everything was exciting, so to access those emotions again I would kind of put myself into other people's perspectives."

Watch Adams' full interview with Swift in the GQ video above, and have a look behind the scenes of her sexy shoot with the mag in the video below.

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