NFL Clears Johnny Manziel of Domestic Violence Incident Involving Girlfriend Colleen Crowley

"It was embarrassing but not serious," the Cleveland quarterback wrote on Twitter

By Bruna Nessif Nov 17, 2015 10:11 PMTags
Johnny Manziel Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

UPDATE: Johnny Manziel has been cleared by the NFL for the roadside domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend Colleen Crowley in October. The football organization has found no reason to discipline the Cleveland Browns quarterback as Crowley never pressed charges.

The full NFL statement reads: "Consistent with the procedures of the league's Personal Conduct Policy, we have examined the available evidence regarding the recent incident involving Johnny Manziel. Our investigation included a thorough review of information from law enforcement and our own interviews with multiple individuals, including the two involved in the incident. Based on the information gathered, we have concluded that there is an insufficient basis on which to take disciplinary action. In all cases of this nature, our concern under the Personal Conduct Policy goes well beyond the issue of discipline, and we have made comprehensive professional resources available on a confidential basis."


UPDATE: Manziel's girlfriend Colleen Crowley has deleted her statement posted to Instagram regarding the situation that occurred with the Cleveland Browns quarterback (image below). This comes in light of allegations that the couple's dispute became physical. The police report, obtained by E! News, states that the officer observed a "small fresh abrasion" on Crowley's left arm. 

"During the ride back, she did state that Mr. Manziel pushed her head against the glass of the car 5 minutes prior to getting into Avon and in an interview with Ptl. Layne she stated that Mr. Manziel did hit her a couple times in the car," the report stated. "Ms. Crowley was asked if she was fearful of Mr. Manziel's actions and did she think he could cause her physical harm. Ms. Crowley responded 'no he was fine.'" Crowley didn't want to press charges.


Johnny Manziel wants to set the record straight.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback made headlines after having a run-in with police earlier in the week over a dispute that occurred with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the side of the highway, but the 22-year-old reassures fans that "everything is fine."

A driver called police after Manziel's vehicle cut across traffic and pulled over on the shoulder of the highway. According to the police report obtained by E! News, Manziel's "white Nissan [was] traveling at a high rate of speed with a female passenger trying to exit the vehicle and the male driver pulling her back inside."

The report states that Manziel explained to police they "were coming back from downtown Cleveland and were arguing. Mr. Manziel was asked if he was injured during the argument, in which he stated he was not." He also admitted that they were drinking earlier in the day, and added that they, "had plans to go see a movie together. When he decided he wanted to go pick up a friend also, this upset Ms. Crowley."

The report continued, "Upset with the change in plans, Ms. Crowley wanted to head back to Avon. Mr. Manziel stated that he began heading home and while on IR 90, he had Ms. Crowley's cell phone on his lap and was using it
to control the music. During the ride, Ms. Crowley began accusing him of 'driving bad.' He then stated that Ms. Crowley grabbed his wallet, which was in the center divider and threw it out of the window.

"Mr. Manziel then stopped his vehicle and turned around in order to look for the wallet. After parking, he stated that 'She did try to get out of the car.' He then admitted to "trying to grab her arm to keep her from 'riding' out of the car.'"

Police did not believe the couple was intoxicated to the point where they could be charged and Crowley told officers that she did not want to press charges so both were allowed to leave the scene in Manziel's car. But that didn't stop Johnny, or his girlfriend, from addressing the whole situation on Twitter:

And there you have it.

—Reporting by Baker Machado