Cate Blanchett: Actresses Landing "Complex Roles" Shouldn't Still Be a "Breakthrough" for Women

Rooney Mara's Carol co-star is tired of "the same conversation"

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 15, 2015 9:20 PMTags
Rooney Mara, Cate BlanchettJohn Phillips/Getty Images for BFI

Cate Blanchett's had enough.

The 46-year-old actress doesn't think actresses playing strong roles should be the exception anymore—it should be the norm by now!

Per Yahoo U.K., Blanchett addressed the topic with reporters at the BFI London Film Festival. "Every time there's interesting, complex roles played by actresses on screen, someone says, 'Do you think this is a breakthrough?' and, 'Does this mean there's going to be more of the same?' We seem to find ourselves in the same conversation and that's somehow remarkable."

"I think there's a swathe of great roles for women and certainly, there's some wonderful female performers," she said. "It's just time to get on with it really."

Blanchett plays one of the interesting, complex female roles she'd like to be the norm in Carol, upcoming drama in which she plays a married woman who falls in love with Rooney Mara's character.

Filming love scenes with Rooney, 30, was a "relief," she told reporters.

"Both characters are quite isolated—not only because their feelings set them apart from others, but the gap in their ages," she said, per Yahoo U.K. "They go through these volcanic feelings towards one another so it was a relief to do the scenes with Rooney. Finally we get to be together."

Rooney enjoyed co-starring with Blanchett as well. "Chemistry isn't something you can create," she said. "As in real life, you either have it or you don't. I felt lucky that it was easy for me to feel chemistry towards Cate."

Watch the trailer for Carol below. It hits theaters Nov. 20.