Kayleen McAdams, Instagram

Kayleen McAdams, Instagram

Normally, testing out wedding day makeup consists of a quick drop-by appointment with the makeup artist a few weeks before the big day; nothing shmancy. But seeing as Sofía Vergara isn't the average bride-to-be, you can't expect her makeup test run to be just any boring cosmetics consultation.

Nope, the Modern Family actress has been experimenting with her bridal beauty on a very public platform—in fact, you've probably already seen a few of her potential looks and didn't even realize it (more on that later). At least, that's what Vergara's trusted makeup artist, Kayleen McAdamstells us (note: her big sis is the Rachel McAdams). The pro makeup artist, who is currently partnering up with Beautyrest, also gave us a few hints as to what Sofía's wedding makeup may look like, and while she was at it, was generous enough to offer up a little expert beauty advice.

But enough from us: Read down to hear from Kayleen herself!

Kayleen McAdams, Instagram

Kayleen McAdams, Instagram

Will you be on deck to do Sofia's makeup the day of her wedding?
I am doing her wedding day makeup!

That's so exciting! Have you two discussed what her wedding makeup will look like?
You see her on the red carpet, she has a very classic look you know. I wouldn't be surprised if it were something like that.

Clearly you've had plenty of practice doing her makeup (this year's Emmys included), but will you do a test run prior to her wedding day?
I'm not sure if we'll do a test run… Well, we did an event with CoverGirl a couple weeks ago actually where we talked about it. I think we're going to use the red carpet to sort of experiment with looks for the day.

Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara

Jason Merritt/WireImage

Is there a favorite red carpet look you've designed for her?
Oh my favorite, oh, I loved when she wore that blue sequined dress [at the 2012 Emmys]. I know it ended up being everywhere because the back split open, but I loved that makeup. It had such a caramel-like quality, so it was like really great for fall. She had chocolate lips and this gorgeous glow. Overall it was like a delicious fall feel, like a glass of apple cider.


Sofía Vergara, Emmy Awards 2015

Vince Bucci/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

As far as fall beauty, what lipsticks are you loving right now?
I love Charlotte Tilbury in Galstonbury because its classic, brightening and just pretty. It's a dark lipstick but it's not too gothic or anything; it's got enough berry so it pops. I also like the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments, Lipstick Queen's chubby pencil in Catalina for day-to-day and of course Nars VIP red. On myself, I've been using three Dolce & Gabbana red lipsticks. They've got that classic red color that I love, and I rarely have to touch it up. Also, it's so moisturizing.

Besides lipstick, what's your must-have new beauty product right now?
I like the Dior shadow sticks. It looks like a lip gloss the brush almost looks like a tiny nail polish brush, and there's just so much you can do with it. You can highlight on the eye or use it as a liner too, it's amazing.

Balmain, Paris Fashion Week, Best Looks

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Now that fashion month is finally over, are there any beauty looks from the runway that stood out to you?
I really loved the natural, glowing skin on the runways. I feel like it was going against everything we've been seeing with all these heavy looks. I really liked how Balmain did their runway makeup; it was so effortless.

And how did you feel about all that blue eye shadow popping up on the catwalks? 
I love the idea of doing a pop of color or pigment; it's really fun. I love like a pop of color on the lips or a strong pigment on the eye, like keeping it that one thing.

Speaking of makeup, what do you recommend that your clients use to take to remove it all quickly after a long day?
"I love the Bioderma Sensibio (crealine) H20 Micelle Solution, it's the one with a pink lid and its French. Everybody always gets it when they go to Paris. It's so great, it just removes everything all at once. I also think it's great to have face wipes in your bedside table, because when you're so tired you can just plop into bed you don't even have to open your eyes. Just go to bed, grab a wipe and at least wipe your foundation off."

And are there any overnight beauty treatments you'd recommend for your clients (or brides-to-be)?
I love to sleep with coconut oil on my hair, I really love the feeling on my ends and it makes such a huge difference. I don't sleep in facemasks as much; if I'm on an airplane then I'll put on a facemask. More often before I go to sleep, I'll get in a hot bath with some epsom salts, put on a face mask there. That makes me sleepy, so then I like go straight to bed from there. I definitely put on a bunch of different creams, serums, like layer all those all of that before I go to bed… I definitely like the feeling of moisturizing overnight so you don't have to wear about it in the morning.

Kayleen McAdams

Image courtesy of Daryn Hornby

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