It's good to be Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade! And as it turns out, it's even better to be their marriage.

"It's been freakishly awesome, and it's almost kind of embarrassing to talk about," the Being Mary Jane star gushed to E! "We really enjoy each other."

Union caught up with E! at the NBC Experience store in New York City to talk about her work with Tylenol's #HowWeFamily campaign, and naturally the conversation turned to her own new(ish) family. The actress recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her basketball player husband, and while she had only great things to say about their, ahem, union, she was also honest in describing how they came to see themselves as a real family.

"We were always best friends but we weren't always present," shared Union. "The love was always there, but we couldn't figure out how to be a partner at the same time and at the same rate. And then we could. It was just like, you're my best friend in the world and I love you so intensely, let's figure it out."

The outlook is inspiring, to say the least. But it turns out marriage isn't all fun and games—Gabrielle opened up about the one downside: Baby questions! That's right, once the nuptials are done, the public starts prying. But she's doing things on her own time, thankyouverymuch.

"A lot of people off the street [will say] 'Oh, you haven't had a baby yet,'" said Union. "And it's like nope, not yet. And they say it's time to shift your focus from your career to baby-making and I'm like, I can do it both!"

Hear, hear!

But even without a new addition on the way just yet, the Wade-Union family seems to be doing pretty well on their own. In fact, they're constantly pinching themselves over how lucky they are. Actually, make that #blessed.

Watch Gabrielle dish on their fortunate fam, and then take to Twitter to tell her your own family story using #HowWeFamily.



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