Justin Theroux, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Justin Theroux is happy to finally call his longtime love Jennifer Aniston his "wife."

The 45-year-old actor, who stars in the HBO supernatural series The Leftovers, and the 46-year-old actress wed in August after a three-year engagement.

"The first couple days of doing it, it's a great feeling. 'Fiancée,' after a while, sounds cute at first...then, you get to say, 'My wife,'" Theroux said on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, during which he received an adorable gift. (Don't use it in the carpool lane!)

Theroux and Aniston wed in a private ceremony at their house in Los Angeles in front of family and friends, including host Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi and fellow celebs Howard Stern, John Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt, the actress' Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Bateman, and fellow Friends alum Lisa KudrowJimmy Kimmel officiated the event.

Aniston and Theroux had told many guests beforehand that they were coming to a birthday party.

"Well it was actually a massive miscalculation," Theroux told Ellen DeGeneres. "Because we thought, like, we're gonna to tell some people this and some people that and then people that really have to that have busy schedules and whatever. So then afterwards, we kind of realized, like, that was a terrible plan, because you're basically telling half your guests, 'You're unemployed and we can't trust you,' which was of course not the case."

"There were people there who were just in jeans," he said. "We also have friends who, when we've done barbecues and stuff, show up, like, dressed to the nines, like, 'This is the thing, right?' And we're like, 'No, this is actually just a barbecue.'" 

In an interview with Good Morning America in September, Theroux talked about his and Aniston's "fantastic" marriage.

"Something really does shift in a wonderful way and it sort of refocuses things and in a weird way I was sort of…it was a long time coming, but also put us in exactly sort of the right space," he said. "It's a wonderful thing."

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