Lamar Odom

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Even more details have emerged from the hours before Lamar Odom entered the hospital. 

Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Love Ranch where Odom was found, tells E! News that the NBA player was having a great time while staying at Hof's home, which is attached to the brothel. He had been enjoying his time there before two girls found him unconscious yesterday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. local time.

"Everything was normal. From the time he got there he was in a great mood. He was having fun, eating like a horse and having a lot of laughs," Hof says. "He wanted a bottle of cognac, so we gave him a bottle of cognac."

Hof adds that Odom's behavior didn't spark any concern because he was in a good mood throughout his stay until he received a phone call Sunday that "bummed him out."

"The girls and the management said he was in a great mood having a great time, and that he was the same Lamar that they saw on his television show," he explains. "And that he was happy...he just wanted to have a good time and get away from the pressures of the day and the paparazzi who's always chasing him around."

Although Odom had sought treatment in the past for substance abuse, Hof says there weren't any illicit drugs found in the basketball player's room. Despite his put-together appearance, Odom looked very different when two employees found him.

"When they saw him at 3:30 p.m. he was foaming at the mouth," Hof reveals. "There was some blood coming out of him. The 911 operator asked them to turn him on his left side and of course he's a big guy, so it was a big challenge."

"They did that and a lot of stuff started coming out of him. He started throwing up and they say it was a horrifying sight," he adds. "Then the paramedics took over."

Hof says he didn't think Odom was using drugs while staying there.

"Of course everybody's thinking, 'Well, maybe it was drugs.' We didn't see any effects of that," Hof says. "He was going to sleep every night, and I don't think he was doing any drugs—although you never can tell. He was doing an herbal Viagra and a lot of it."

Herbal Viagra, Hof explains, can be found at any drug store or convenience store and is easily obtained.  

"He was a happy healthy guy who wanted to eat and socialize," Hof says.

News of Odom's health crisis "isn't shocking," a Kardashian family source told E! News, "but it is sad." Our insider says Khloe Kardashian "had cut off contact with Lamar in the summer and she has been worried about Lamar for a very long time."

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