Dog Is Andy Cohen's Co-Pilot: I Adopted Wacha but He's the One Who Rescued Me—Watch!

Watch what happens when Mr. Bravo opens up about his adorable li'l shelter dog

By EOL Staff Oct 15, 2015 1:00 PMTags

National Adopt-a-Dog Month is in full tail-waggin' swing! To celebrate, one of our fave human-dog duos, Andy Cohen and Wacha, have teamed up with Subaru for an adorably fur-tastic The More You Know video.

In the PSA, Andy reminds us that nearly 7 million dogs and cats need a home every year and that adopting a pet is a great way to show some love to your community. Andy reflects, "I rescued Wacha, but I like to say he rescued me. He's changed my life." Cue the Awwwws. Or should we say: Pawwwwws.

Subaru is committed to helping shelter animals—learn more at The More You Know.