Shout out to Retta who alerted us that it is indeed, the best day of the year. 

In the event you have not participated in society for the past few years, Parks and Recreation invented what is arguably the Christmas of October. 

Forget Mean Girls and their silly "It's October 3" business, this is a day with purpose. Yes, friends, today is Treat Yo Self Day, and we're going hard.

Just like Donna and Tom, we're thinking about treating ourselves to some mimosas and fine leather goods. Perhaps even getting mimosas while adorned in those fine leather goods.  

E! Loves gif, Donna, Parks and Rec

In the mood to dress like a cashmere, velvet candy cane? Treat yo self. How about running around in a Batman suit? Treat yo self. Okay, we'll stop but only if you promise to treat yo self today.

Think about it, this is the one day a year where you're allowed to ignore your crippling student loan debt and spring for that velvet-wrapped Range Rover.

After you're done doing that, you can spend the afternoon rubbing caviar all over your face and washing it off with bottles of Veuve.

Treat yo self. 

How are you going to treat yo self today? Give us some ideas in the comments! 

We miss Donna and Tom, but we'll settle for this vid of Aziz Ansari getting a piggyback ride from Jennifer Lawrence

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