Kristen Bell, Heroes

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Chicken Little is totally right: The sky is freaking falling, and our Heroes are falling right down with it!

In tonight's ep, Heroes' iconic eclipse returned, yoinking superpowers from our superfriends, and—spoiler alert!—I have the 411 on how things will get way worse before they get better (including death for at least one major fan fave).

And Kristen Bell isn't the only CW star to come on board...I have the exclusive scoop on which One Tree Hill star has been cast on the show, and can spill the dirt on Luke's (Dan Byrd of Aliens in America) power! (Hint: He can make a mean chicken pot pie. Yum.)

Read on for the juice...

Zachary Quinto, Heroes

NBC/Adam Taylor

What We Learned

As it turns out, we fans have something in common with Arthur Petrelli—we all think Sylar and Elle would make a good pairing! Those two psychos may be dangerous and crazy, but they are also oddly—sweet? Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto's real-life friendship/chemistry is doing them all kinds of favors on this show right now.

Then again, given this show's track record with romantic love (keep reading), chances are we're just setting ourselves up for major disappointment. Regardless, this exchange was flawless and nuclear hot:

Elle: "We can't take what we want anymore."
Sylar: "Says who?"
[Sylar kisses Elle. Fangirls everywhere, including yours truly, squee.] 

The Invincible Girl Takes a Hit: Elle shot Claire. Oh dear. That's definitely going to be one of those butterfly-effect moments that set off a chain reaction of badness. Sandra Bennet can afford to say "I told you so" a couple thousand times to her husband when he gets back, because his frontier-justice mission to pay back Sylar and Elle for what they did to Claire can only end in tragedy. It's starting in tragedy, too, as Claire is rushed to the hospital with a devastating bullet wound...

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Daphne isn't a Speedster at all! Apparently when she's at home in Lawrence, Kan., at least, she's totally trapped in her own body, walking with the help of crutches. So how the heck does she speed around the rest of the time? Can Arthur give away powers as easily as he takes them? Powers or no powers, Daphne truly is one of the good guys now, and Matt really does love her—future or no future. Did you, um, read what I wrote above about this show's success rate with romantic love? Matt, Daphne, you better get going, because you're going to need a head start on whatever's coming for you...

What's to Come?

• Sources spill that One Tree Hill and West Wing alum Moira Kelly will be playing Abby Collins, a Homeland Security agent, in at least one episode of the "Fugitives" volume (the next chunk of episodes in the current third season). We happy about this? Do tell in the comments below.
• In case you haven't heard, Dan Byrd of Aliens in America has a recurring role in "Fugitives," and I can spill that his character Luke's power is microwaves that are strong enough fry people. Luke goes on the road with Sylar seeking adventure and excitement, but poor unlucky kid's probably just going to get debrained for his trouble.
• Despite what the promos for next week would have you think, Claire's going to make it. In fact she gets well enough to again pursue her goal of getting into the fight. In an upcoming episode, Claire becomes the centerpiece of a major showdown between good and evil.
• Elle is not the death I'm talking about. (It's another newish blonde I'm sorry to see go.) But I did see a bloody photo today that has me deeply concerned. And I will join you in your anguish/sorrow if they kill Kristen Bell off this show! (For more on Heroes deaths and an upcoming plane crash, check the Spoiler Chat.) 

    What did you think of this installment of Heroes? Exactly how gross did you find Mohinder's scales? And is it just me or were Seth Green and Breckin Meyer shamefully underused? Post your take in the comments...

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