All hail Hail, Caesar!—finally a movie about making movies that doesn't take itself too seriously!

Universal Pictures released a full-length trailer for Joel and Ethan Coen's upcoming comedy Friday, and with a star-studded cast including the likes of George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Johan Hill, Tilda SwintonAlden Ehrenreich, Ralph Fiennes and Frances McDormand (whew), it lives up to its big name.

Hail Caesar! is set in Hollywood in the 1950s, and as you can see in the clip above, Eddie Mannix (Brolin) is a fixer whose job is to keep the stars' scandals out of the press during the shooting of a massive Roman movie.

Hail Caesar, Channing Tatum

Universal Picturest

This proves particularly challenging with this bunch—especially Baird Whitlock (Clooney), the dimwitted but in-demand actor who vanishes while filming.

Hail Caesar, Scarlett Johansson

Universal Pictures

When Mannix (Brolin) receives a ransom note demanding $100,000 for Whitlock's safe return, he needs everyone at the studio to scramble to keep this potentially disastrous news out of the gossip columns.

It won't be easy, but it certainly will be entertaining! Hail Caesar! is set to be released Feb. 5, 2016.

Want another laugh? Look back at this video of Clooney in the '90s.

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