Hugh Jackman

Carlos Costas,

Hugh Jackman may be People's Sexiest Man alive, but the Australia star says his wife knows the secret of his sexiness: Garbage.

"Previously, my wife had said the sexiest thing about me was that I took the garbage out," Jackman told E! News days after receiving the honor.

"Since [being named Sexiest Man], it's like, 'All right, baby. Show it to me. Let's go.' I seem to be asked to take out the garbage more."

That sounds a little too grounded—or just kind of dirty—for our taste. But at least Wolverine can count on remaining a superhero to his kids, right?

Not so much.

"My son, Oscar, who is 8, goes, ‘You? You've got to be kidding me!' And I thought, There's the truth!"

Come on, Hugh. Now that's a load of garbage.

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