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Jill Zarin may longer star on The Real Housewives of New York City, but rest assured, she still keeps up with the ladies each week on Bravo. The former cast member appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday, where she opened up about Ramona Singer's divorce from Mario Singer and also admitted that she would like to repair her relationship with Bethenny Frankel.

When a viewer called in to ask for her take on Ramona's split, Jill said, "I'm not surprised. I'm very sad for her. I know she loved Mario very much. I know she will find happiness. I do. I do."

Later, Jill called out Ramona for making similar allegations about Countess Luann de Lesseps' marriage during a previous season. "When her own husband was doing it to her, everybody knew it. And it was a reality show!" Jill told Andy Cohen of Mario. "I outed him, and I was right."

Jill declined to participate in The Real Housewives of New York City's 100th episode special last month, but she did watch it on TV. Andy replayed some of the comments that Jill's former BFF, Bethenny, said. "Jill liked to control the process. She had like a big plan that she was going to take me down, and it backfired in her face…Whoa, this is one cunning bitch. Like she's waiting on camera to come at me with things and, like, make America hate me…I don't hold onto anything. I'm not angry," Bethenny said. "But, she's not a person that I would want in my life."

But is the feeling mutual? "Well, I didn't believe her when she said 'I wasn't angry.' I mean, she sounded angry. I feel really bad. I mean, if she really thought that that's what I was up to, I really wasn't up to that," Jill said in response to the claims made against her. "It was so long ago, it's hard to remember how I felt, but I'll tell you, and I want to say this: I miss her, and I want to make amends with her. I do. I mean, we tried two years ago, and listen—she's way moved on, I've way moved on—but there's something about us together that was really incredible, and I would like to make up with her."

"What do you think of her now on the show since she's come back?" fellow guest Rebecca Romijn asked. Jill laughed and replied, "That's a long conversation! We might have to go out to dinner for that. Uh, OK...What I really think is that she needed a friend like me—not on the show. Not on the show. In real life, I think she really needed a friend like me. When we were good, we were really good together and I loved her. I loved her like a sister. Like, I really loved her."

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday-Thursday at 11 p.m. on Bravo.

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