Felicity, EW Cover

Chris Craymer/Entertainment Weekly

Dear Sally: We're dying right now.

Millennials are going through an overdose of nostalgia right now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Reunion issue, which features none other than the cast of Felicity together again on the cover (and in bed!).

Yep, the famous small-screen love triangle that was Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley have reunited and our hearts almost can't handle it.

It's the first time the trio have been in the same room since the cult-favorite WB drama wrapped in 2002, but you'd never guess that. Their chemistry is still on point and we're instantly taken back to the days of Felicity, Ben and Noel.

But what might come as a shock to fans, is these three celebs almost didn't take on the coveted roles we know and love today.

For example, Russell walked out before even auditioning because her nerves got the best of her!

"There were so many girls waiting to audition I was like, ‘Can I leave?' I got a couple of callbacks and then had a screen test and choked," she told the mag. "I'm such a bad audition-er. I'm shy and, like, spaz out. So I left and J.J. [Abrams] and Matt [Reeves] chased me down and said, ‘What happened? You have to come back in—you're too nervous.' I was like, ‘Welcome to moi. Welcome to a life of this!' They pulled me into this copy room—because it was the WB I remember there were all these Wayans Bros posters—and J.J told me jokes and calmed me down. I still don't think I did amazing but they let me have the part."

Meanwhile, Speedman was at a difficult place in his life at the time, and didn't even care to read the script.

"I was in Toronto after dropping out of theater school and I was sleeping on my mom's couch. Someone sent me the script and I didn't want to read it. I was in a weird spot in my life—I just didn't want to do a TV show as odd as that sounds," he confessed. "This agent called my mom and told her that I had to read the script. So, I did. And I loved it. Genuinely. It was one of those moments when you read something and it's absolutely right for you at that time in your life. I went down to the video house with a friend who read Felicity's part with me and we made a tape. The next thing I knew I was on the plane."

Felicity, EW Cover

Chris Craymer/Entertainment Weekly

And as for Foley, well, he was actually Ben—until Speedman arrived.

"I had done the first season of Dawson's Creek and the casting person knew who I was and called me in to read for the Ben role. Then I read for Noel. They called me back in for Ben and I tested that part two or three times. They cast me as Ben," Foley revealed.

"I had wardrobe fittings and table readings and everything and then J.J. and Matt said, ‘Hey we found someone we think is a great guy to play Ben.' I said, ‘I'm Ben!' They asked if I would be interested in playing Noel instead, and I was so happy to have a job I said of course. Speedman showed up with a safety pin holding his shirt together and I said, ‘You're right. He's perfect for Ben.'"

LOL! Speedman added that during their first read-through, the questioned whether the casting decisions were right. "[Foley and I] were smoking outside of Century City and she [points to Russell] shows up and I was like, 'That's Felicity? She's way too pretty. She's supposed to be a nerd! This show is never going to work.'"

Little did he know.

To continue reading more from the cast reunions of Felicity, as well as those of Misery, The Rocky Horror Show, Family Ties, Bring It On, and Muriel's Wedding, pick up the new issue celebrating Entertainment Weekly's 25th anniversary, on newsstands Friday.


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