Gifts for Everyone, Bacon of the Month Club

Susannah Mushatt Jones is officially the world's oldest person as of July, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Her secret to living a long and luscious life? Bacon, of course. 

116 years of eating bacon every. Single. Day. The Guinness Book of World Records website notes that Jones credits her long life to getting plenty of sleep. Bacon and naps? Sign us up yesterday! 

Sadly it turns out all those bottles of kale juice we've been suffering through were a sick, sad lie. 

According to USA Today, Jones enjoys a diet of daily bacon, eggs, and grits, and now we will too. Peace out chia seeds, we're dumping you for some sizzling strips of sexiness. 

Jones is such a fan of the famed breakfast meat she even opted for a bacon-themed cake for her latest birthday. Side note —where do we get one of those?! 

The bacon-loving beauty also has a sign in her kitchen reading: "Bacon makes everything better." Indeed, Ms. Jones is the wisest woman in the world as well. 

Would you eat bacon every day? Let us know in the comments! 

Speaking of bacon-loving ladies, check out another woman who swears by the stuff! 

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