Chrissy Teigen Reveals Why She Shared Fertility Struggles as Tyra Banks Talks Support From Famous Friends

Co-hosts opened up to E! News on the set of the FABLife

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Watch: Chrissy Teigen Gets Candid About Infertility

Last month, during an episode of the FABLife, Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen both shared their own fertility struggles, surprising many fans and sparking an important conversation. 

"I'd been doing appearances, constantly, and the question that was coming up from everybody, and it comes with good intentions, but people want to know 'When you're having a baby and do you feel pressure to have children?'" the 29-year-old FABLife host explained to E! News in an interview on Tuesday. 

"And not necessarily pressure to have children, but pressure to talk about it all the time," John Legend's wife continued, admitting it was tough secret to keep from fans. 

Watch: How Tyra Banks Chose Her "FABLife" Cohosts

Although her family and friends were aware of her struggles, "It was kind of weird to hide that all the time," she shared. "So it was nice be able to just share it and have the platform to share it where people listen." 

After sharing their stories, Banks and Teigen both received an overwhelming amount of support. 

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"Our show is not really that heavy, but let's be real…" the 41-year-old TV host said. "I walked off set and so many people on our crew were saying 'I'm struggling' or 'My child was born after 10 versions of IVF treatment' and friends that are very famous…who did this for five years...and the world has no idea." 

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As for how Tyra chose her impressive panel of co-hosts, including Joe ZeeLauren Makk, Leah Ashley and Tiegen? 

Watch the clips to find out! 

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