Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

Kevin Perkins, PacificCoastNews.com

Stop the presses! Speidi actually did something outside the public eye. Or did they?

The Perez Hilton-powered rumor mill is swirling with unconfirmed reports that Hills opportunists Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have, after three seasons of on-air courtship and countless staged photo-ops, eloped in Mexico.

While E! News has confirmed that the couple embarked on a south-of-the-border sojourn (perhaps inspired by their mutual love of chalupa chowing?) for what they told friends was "a romantic getaway," it remains unclear—to family, friends and frenemies—whether they actually took the matrimonial plunge.

"I'm so happy for them," potential sister-in-law and fellow Hills star Stephanie Pratt tells E! News. "I hope this isn't a prank!"

"I haven't talked to them since last week," says the younger Pratt. "We've left messages. Evidently, the honeymoon is too fabulous for them to call us back.

"But I'm not surprised, because I knew none of us would be invited—which of course is sad. But it's too exciting to dwell on that! I'm gonna get them the coolest wedding gift."

The Montag branch of the reality family tree seems equally as in the dark.

"I have no idea," Heidi's father, Bill Montag, tells E! News. "I texted her yesterday, and she didn't say anything about getting married. She said she'd call me today. I know they went down there for the weekend, but I have no idea what they did."

Even a rep for the celeb-friendly One & Only Palmilla Resort, where the couple has been staying, was mum, insisting the hotel "has a strict privacy policy and will not comment on their resort clientele."

What is clear, however, is that the 22-year-old Montag and 25-year-old Pratt have been inseparable since he first made a splash on the second season of The Hills back in 2006. The duo briefly appeared to hit the skids back in December 2007, when Montag made the completely ingenuous and apparently cover-worthy announcement that she had called off her initial engagement to Pratt.

Time will tell if the second time's a charm.

Lo siento, Mexico.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English and Marc Malkin

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