McDonald's breakfast

Jeff Zelevansky/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Internet has collectively agreed that McDonald's #AllDayBreakfast is the best thing to happen to the human race since literally anything.

While all-day breakfast menus differ from location to location, some of the items you may see are their irresistible hash browns, the Fruit N' Yogurt Parfait, and the classic Egg McMuffin. 

To be honest, we don't even need to write an article about the amount of joy that has just been injected into our lives today because Twitter has reacted for us.

We've rounded up the best tweets in response to McDonald's life-altering announcement. 

Nothing like a dancing Beyoncé to accurately depict our overflowing emotions.  

Gasp! Do we spy some McShade from 7-Eleven? 

We would add the birth of Ryan Gosling to this list, but aside from that, we stand by it. 

Same, but if they can start dishing out breakfast all day, then maybe in another 400 years they'll start serving cold-pressed juice? 

We couldn't have said it better. What did we even do before this sacred time?! 

Living for this hilarious Denny's side-eye, though. C'mon you two, let's just enjoy this glorious day for what it is. 

Bro, those better be tears of joy coming from that emoji.

On that note, we'll close with this fine piece of GIFery. 

What are you going to order now that McDonald's serves #AllDayBreakfast? Tweet your pics to @eonline with the hashtag #AllDayBreakfast

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