You Won't Believe What Lea Michele Will Do on Your TV Tonight

Exclusive! We go behind the scenes onthe Scream Queens set tonight

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 06, 2015 10:42 PMTags
Hilary Gayle/FOX

On the set of Scream Queens in New Orleans, we sat down with Lea to get the latest on her thoughts on Hester's new obsession—having everything Chanel (Emma Roberts) has, and that includes, of course, Chad Radwell (Glen Powell)—a k a the worst boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.

But Hester and Chad share one key thing in common: A love of dead bodies.

"There is some great Chad and Hester stuff coming up," Lea teases. "They're a horrible pairing. They are terrible. I don't think he even knows what her name is. He keeps asking her like, ‘What's your name?' But she doesn't care. She loves him. She worships the ground [Chanel] walks on. I think that Hester would honestly be so happy to be in a polygamous relationship with Chanel and Chad. She just wants everybody to just all be together like one family."

Scream Queens Season Two: Big Love? Hey, we'd watch it.

Tonight's episode focuses on a Haunted House—and Zayday's (Keke Palmer's) run for President of Kappa Kappa Tau, which you can only imagine does not go over well with Chanel. There's also a great reveal at the end of the episode regarding a twist on a character you already know.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Lea's convinced she's figured out who "THE" killer is. So it sounds like there's someone who's like the "Chanel" of Red Devils, and pulling all the strings.

To hear Lea's thoughts on Chad, the killer and the bathtub baby, check out our exclusive video interview above!

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