This might explain why Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer are so in sync.

It seems the dynamic Dancing With the Stars duo, who will be competing in tonight's final three finale, have a preshow ritual that simply, well, sparkles.

"He has this little tub of glitter," explains Lacey, prior to indulging in a Fake Bake sunless tan. "A fan gave it to him and it's supposed to be his good luck dust. So what he does is, he takes it, throws it in the air and stands under it. Ever since we started doing that, things have been looking up for us."

The prancing pair have also taken a bit of a shine to each other's respective rumps—it's part of their preparation before stepping onto the ballroom floor each week.

"We slap each other on the butt," adds Lacey. "It just kind of gets us laughing and more at ease."

Not to mention it helps spread the glitter around more evenly.

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