The Internet Is Obsessed With These Norwegian Bodybuilders in a Teeny Town

Swole Scandinavians alert!

By Julia Hays Oct 06, 2015 3:08 PMTags
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Swole Scandinavians alert!

In case you're not up on your satirical Norwegian TV shows like En Helt Vanlig Dag, this is their latest viral clip making the rounds on the Internet.

In the video, these bodybuilders from Norway have found a way to feel even bigger without having to down more protein shakes.

Their secret? Visit a teeny, tiny town.

Yes, this is really weird. To be fair, explaining Portlandia sketches to overseas audiences would probably be hard at first too.

Luckily, the humor of this TVNorge segment isn't lost in translation—who doesn't want to watch giant men try to fit in little houses? It's ridiculous, people.

As they enjoy their day around the pint-sized village filled with miniature wooden homes, the bodybuilders sip from little teacups, prepare meat in teeny pots, and send tiny letters using tiny mailboxes.

"We reached a point where we couldn't get any bigger," says one muscular bodybuilder. "So instead we chose to visit a place which makes us look a lot bigger."

Next place on their teeny, tiny travel bucket list? Hobbiton, naturally.

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