Spoiler Chat: Look Who's Hooking Up and Dying!

Rufus and Lily are finally hooking up on Gossip Girl—Kristin has the exclusive dish on how

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 25, 2008 1:33 AMTags
Kelly Rutherford, Matthew Settle, Gossip GirlGiovanni Rufino/ THE CW

Someone is dying on Gossip Girl, and someone's been keeping a "huge secret" from someone they love...which might all add up to: One long-awaited hookup!

Also, it looks like Heroes could be cleaning house with a major, Lost-like catastrophe/bloodbath that could seriously downsize the payroll.

And oh yeah, and you hear there might be two pregnant ladies on One Tree Hill?

It's all in the latest installment of exclusive TV scoop, with answers to your burning Q's on Gossip, Heroes, House, Grey's, Tree Hill and much, much more...

Kerri in Irvine, Calif.: Any word of cast changes or deaths at Heroes? I'm still hoping a few of the characters will go far, far away!

One of them will die soon, and personally, it's not who I was hoping for! (This death also puts an end to a new love story as we know it.) However, I'm also hearing that the powers that be may be doing some more thorough house-cleaning among the Heroes cast, thanks to a little Lost-like catastrophe at the end of the current "Villains" volume. Last night at the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Grove (an outdoor shopping mecca here in L.A.), Greg Grunberg spilled to me: "There's a huge plane crash, and all of us are involved...I'll tell you this, it's not Oceanic 815, and I'm not in the pilot seat. It's a little different." Get more details in the spoiler section!

Francis: On Gossip Girl, is there any hope for Lily and Rufus?
I'm hearing that girlfriend has a deep, dark secret! Keep reading to the spoiler section.


Rhee in Cheyenne, Wyo.: I love Major Hottie on Grey's Anatomy! Tell me he's staying forever!
Major Hottie's staying on Grey's Anatomy for the duration of the season at the very least. For most of the year, when Owen's not focused on Cristina, he just keeps his head down and works, but we'll see him in at least one other social relationship: a McBromance! Kevin McKidd tells me: "I think Owen and Derek are going to connect at some point in the season. I think he goes to Derek for help, to try to figure out what it is that's wrong with him and why isn't he sleeping...I don't think there's any danger, the problem is more in his head."

Tiffany in Dover, Del.: I'm over Huddy; I want to see Wilson and Cuddy together. What are the chances?
Not good, sorry! Lisa Edelstein tells me, "They do have a very intimate friendship, but I don't see it as anything more than that; maybe I'm wrong. Maybe one day they'll have me make out with Robert Sean Leonard. Eventually I'll just make out with everybody on the show." It's good to have goals, Lisa. It's good to have goals.

Bobby in Grenada, Miss.: Any chance John Glover will return to Smallville?
"I doubt it," John himself tells me, but he will return to Numb3rs to reprise his role as Samuel Kraft, and you can also catch him on Brothers & Sisters later this season, playing Henry, Saul's (Ron Rifkin) new lover. Glover says, "They work through their difficulties, but it's only an arc, so I don't think it can last for long." Theater-nerd note: Glover and Rifkin previously played lovers on stage in The Paris Letter, directed by Jon Robin Baitz, who happens to be the creator of Brothers & Sisters.


Brooke in San Antonio: When does Scrubs return?
Scrubs returns Tues., Jan. 6, at 9 p.m. with two all-new episodes, and then another batch of back-to-back eps on Jan. 13. Holler! Courteney Cox Arquette makes her first appearance in the premiere. Got Q's for the cast and crew? ABC's Ask Scrubs forum awaits!

Tatiana in St. Paul, Minn.: Kristin, do you know where I can get Serena's outfit from the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl?
I don't, and if I did I wouldn't tell you, mostly because no one outside of Blake Lively can pull off a skirt that short! However, I do want to tell you about a new feature over at E! Online's sister site: mystyle.com. Check out "Rate Last Night's Look" every week and weigh in with your two cents on the outfits TV stars showed off the night before.

Lia in Rapid City, S.D.: Happy Thanksgiving, Kristin! What are you thankful for?
I give thanks to NBC, because starting this week you can watch an extended "producer's cut" of The Office online. All the deleted scenes will be undeleted and cut in right where they belong. More time with Rainn Wilson's talking head is A-OK by me.

ABC Studios

Amna K.: I have watched the "You Found Me" Lost video over a thousand times (no joke), and I came across a very shocking, exciting and revealing shot. At the exact point of 2:10 in the video, Jack's father, Christian, is seen running with the crowd from the fire!
Fankids, take a look for yourselves: Do you think this image is Christian? I'm inclined to say no, and not because Christian wouldn't need to run from flaming arrows, but because he totally would have tucked in his shirt first! In other news, a smartypants pointed out that ajira, as in Ajira Airways, that Easter egg from the latest Lost promo, means island in Hindi. (We have only 59 days left to wait for season five of Lost. Yay!)

Dani in Manchester, N.H.: More Heroes please!
More on that big ol' plane crash: I'm told Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek) captures many of our favorite Heroes and loads them onto a transport plane. (Think prisoners heading to Guantánamo Bay.) When the plane goes down, "You don't know who survives," says Grunny. When asked if Angela Petrelli would be joining their nondirty "mile-high club," Cristine Rose tells me, "I'm getting old, I don't see myself parachuting." So could that be how some of our Heroes survive? More importantly, did the plane go down because Desmond forgot to key in the numbers in the Hatch?

Mark in Long Island, N.Y.: Will we ever discover Daphne's secret on Heroes?
Yes we will! Tonight, Daphne (Brea Grant) heads home, and there she finds she has some unexpected guests: Matt, Hiro and Ando. Also, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) heads to Haiti tonight to solve some more family mysteries, but he better be careful, because he's going to be kidnapped.

Sadie in New Orleans: On Gossip Girl, what's up with Lily being institutionalized?
According to an inside source, Lily has a "huge secret that will have major ramifications this season" and my hunch is that may have something to do with her being "institutionalized"...My guess is she was sent away for an entirely different reason, a reason that ended her romance with Rufus but might bring it back in the present day.

Drew in Fairbanks: What can you tell us about the Gossip Girl death. Is it Bart?
That's not a bad guess! Examine these two interesting facts:
* Something clears the way for a Lily and Rufus reunion.
* Jack Bass (30-year-old brother of Bart) comes into the picture and tries to take over the company.
By the way, I'm told that the funeral episode, which airs Dec. 8, is one of the best episodes of the series and will leave you sobbing. So break out the Kleenex!

Mario in Long Island: On Gossip Girl, who is the new hot teacher? And who will she hook up with?
They still haven't cast her. (Lauren Graham, Rebecca Romijn, send in your resumes!) But I'm told she will be a significant part and will be young, so she likely will be sinking her cougar claws into some hot young boy toy on the Upper East Side. (I can just hear the Parents Television Council singing their praises now!) BTW, there is no new episode tonight, but I can offer you this fabulous Blair promo to tide you over.

Phil Han/ ZUMA Press

Cristina in Las Vegas, Nev.: Now that we know Dave Williams is after Mike on Desperate Housewives, what can you dish?
Don't worry about Mike getting axed from Wisteria Lane, because James Denton just assured me, "I've got some great stuff coming up with Dana Delaney; Mike and Katherine aren't finished." Also, don't assume that we know anything about what Dave Williams is up to! James tells me: "One theory is that he's after me, the other theory is that he just needs information from me. The jail thing is important, [but] I haven't heard the right theory yet about Neal McDonough, so I would just say stick with it; it's a really great payoff."

Carmel in South Carolina: Can you share any info on Private Practice? It's gotten superaddictive!
Grant Show begins his six-episode guest arc this Wednesday, and I just chatted him up, so check back that morning for exclusive scoop from Mr. Archer Montgomery Forbes himself. (Informed speculation: I think Grant Show's character, Archer, is part of the big spring crossover between Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and more significantly, I think he may be the reason for the big spring crossover...We'll see!) In other news, that be-yotch Charlotte King starts a competing practice in the upstairs space and starts stealing patients from Oceanside—I was just starting to like her, but I'm totally taking that back now.

Ruby in Miami: What's coming up on Brothers & Sisters? It's hands-down my favorite show right now!
Kitty's quest to become a mom remains a struggle. After all their adoption woes, Robert and Kitty decide to try in vitro fertilization, but that doesn't go any better…As for the Walker family's professional chaos, Justin isn't too happy when he finds out Rebecca is a pawn in Tommy's sneaky plan to get back at Holly.

The CW/ Andrew Eccles

Francis in San Diego: Any word on One Tree Hill or 90210?
Both, actually! I'm hearing a rumor that Peyton might not be the only pregnancy on One Tree Hill this season. Guesses? Also, a couple is breaking up soon on 90210. More guesses?

Mike in Atlanta: What's coming up on Chuck?
It's Thanksgiving for the gang, and the Awesomes are coming, which throws Ellie into a hysterical (emphasis on hysterical) cooking frenzy. In love-triangle news, we'll finally find out whether Jill (Jordana Brewster) and Bryce Larkin did the dirty...

Molly in Beaverton, Ore.: 24: Redemption was awesome last night! Gil Bellows was pretty evil; will we see him again?
There's a slight chance we'll see Frank Trammell again in the coming day. Gil himself tells us, "You'll probably see me again."

Michael Courtney/The CW

Delilah in Lexington, Ky.: Tell me what's in store for my beloved Winchester brothers!
In the upcoming Supernatural episode titled "Sex and Violence," there will be rainbows and unicorns. Nah, just kidding—there will be sex and violence. Both Sam and Dean make new friends, and one of the boys gets laid. Later Sam and Dean fight each other, but not over the girl—over a guy!

Heather in Hackensack, N.J.: I'm thoroughly depressed over Pushing Daisies' cancellation; I demand scoop!
That makes three of us! (The bump is beside himself/herself, too.) The next few episodes of P.D. are fantastic: Aunt Lily makes sure Mr. Dwight Dixon (Stephen Root) doesn't get too comfortable in Coeur d'Coeurs. (Maybe True Blood's Amy should come to stake him?) Also, Ned and Olive finally get a little one-on-one time when they enter a cook-off together—they get locked in a trunk together, within smooching space. What will Chuck say?

Emma in Pullayup, Wash.: Where is Reaper? Did they cancel it?
Happily, Reaper was picked up and will return in the spring. (By the way, check back in mid-December for the full Watch With Kristin rundown of all the coming midseason shows.) In the meantime I can tell you that in an upcoming episode, Sock gets a shot with a shape-shifting demon that can morph into any type of supermodel his heart desires. Suffice it to say, this deal does not come without strings.

Josephine in Montecito, Calif.: Anything new on In Plain Sight? Will Marshall and Mary ever get together?
At the moment, no. When the new batch of episodes airs, Mary and Raph are definitely still sleeping together—and you know Marshall, always so chill. I think it will be a while before either Mary or Marshall makes a move.

Ron Jaffe/The CW

Benni in Hampton Roads, Va.: Anything on my beloved Privileged?
Will's taking Megan home to meet his mother. Ooh-la-la.

Jessica in Phoenix: Anything on Criminal Minds? I love those guys.
The team takes on an exorcist/priest who might just be using his mojo as a cover for serial murder. P.S. What did you guys think of Jason Alexander's Colonel Sanders look in the last episode of C.M.?

Rachel in Emporia, Kan.: What's the latest on The Secret Life of the American Teenager?
Adrian is at it again when she sleeps with Grace's boyfriend. This time, however, Grace has had enough, and a full-on, hair-pulling catfight ensues.

Alice in Flint, Mich.: I love me some Jax Teller. What can you spill about the Sons of Anarchy finale?
Clay is determined to save Bobby, and that means sending a team to rub out the teenage-girl witness to the port commissioner's murder, now that he knows it wasn't Opie who ratted—although, of course, it's all too late for poor Donna. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out our scoop on the finale from boss Kurt Sutter.

Mulberry in Worcester, Mass.: Got any Greek goodies for me?
Calvin might be getting a boyfriend. (Might.) He meets a hottie at the gym named Jess who seems to be flirting with him, but when they get together later to watch a football game, the messages are more mixed.

Henry in Arkadelphia, Ark.: You don't talk about it much, but anything you can share on Eleventh Hour?
Look for a third party to cut in between Jacob and Rachel. Felix is a young FBI agent who thinks Jacob is a genius—and has a crush on Rachel. Love triangle!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams