Beverly Hills, 90210 Premiered 25 Years Ago Today! Relive the Show's Most Epic 1990s Style Moments

The bangs, the button-downs, the baggy denim—it's all here and more

By Natalie Finn Oct 04, 2015 1:00 PMTags
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How time flies when you're growing up.

Beverly Hills, 90210, the classic Aaron Spelling-produced prime-time teen soap (starring almost no teenagers, natch), premiered on Fox exactly 25 years ago today.

Meaning, it's been 25 years since twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh set out for their first day of junior year at West Beverly High—which yes, later magically became their sophomore year—after making the big move from Minneapolis.

So down to earth, so unaware of just how differently high school worked in Beverly Hills, so...moussed.

Along with the drama, the life lessons, the dating do-si-dos, the backstabbing, the irregularly high number of traumatic deaths among the well-heeled 20-year-old set, the idyllic SoCal scenery, the trust funds...there was the fashion. The tapered denim, the bodysuits, the power blazers, the button-ups, the immaculately sprayed bangs.

Don't feel old. Feel relieved that these styles are behind us!


When this show premiered with its promise of a teen life full of very grown-up behavior while maybe once in a while you had to stop and take the SAT, it also tantalized us with the fashion.

There were Kelly and Donna with their we-have-our-own-credit-cards boutique chic; Brenda's slightly more boho, comfortable-in-my-Minnesota-skin style; Dylan's sideburns and overcoat; Brandon's button-ups (and well-tailored Peach Pit uniform); Steve's astute print-mixing; Andrea's vests; David's T-shirts and headphones; Valerie's I'm-trouble mini-dresses and chokers...

These kids really did wear their hearts on their precisely rolled sleeves. And oh, the formal-wear!

In honor of Beverly Hills, 90210's 25th anniversary, take a look at the show's most unforgettable style moments right here. And if you're inspired to raid the back of your closet for scoop-necks and stone-washed denim, feather your bangs or give yourself a platinum pixie...

So be it.