Sons of Anarchy: Will Tara Leave Jax?

Series creator Kurt Sutter reveals finale secrets and the future of the club

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 24, 2008 5:12 PMTags
Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff, Sons of AnarchyPrashant Gupta / FX

Break out your black-leather chaps and, hey, maybe even slap on a fake tattoo (what, you think that's cheesy?), 'cause the first-season finale of FX's motorcycle-mafia drama Sons of Anarchy is almost here: this Wednesday at 10 p.m., to be exact.

Many of you have been completely taken in by this hot-as-fire (see photo above) new series, so we just had to bring you the scoop straight from SOA creator Kurt Sutter, who reveals exclusively whether Tara is going to stick by her Prince of Charming...

Will Jax & Tara Survive? Don't worry, Tara fans, Maggie Siff isn't going anywhere. You didn't really think she'd break Jax's heart again, did you? As executive producer Sutter puts it, "In the end, there's an acknowledgment of, 'I'm not going to run.' She's willing to at least hang around long enough to find out what their relationship means for them both." This despite a vicious shouting match between the two of them in the finale that I suspect will mark their relationship for some time to come.

Psst...Tara: What this relationship means for you is that you're going to have to stop your boyfriend's mom from killing you dead and find a way to keep your boyfriend's slutty ex-wife's claws out of your man. Have fun!

Will Opie Avenge Donna's Death? The good news about Opie is that Ryan Hurst will be a series regular next season. The bad news about Opie is that he doesn't learn the truth about Donna's murder in the finale, so we don't get the pleasure of watching him hunt down the culprits. Jax, on the other hand, gets wise to what really happened and gives one of the baddies the beating of his life. (It probably means I'm a sicko, but I do so enjoy it when Jax stops playing nice and starts getting really vicious.) Care to guess who goes down?

As for the future, Sutter tells us, "Will there be a coup? That's a question for next season, [but] I think ultimately it's a false democracy. The truth is that they always have those things come up to a vote, and they always land in Clay's favor. I think potentially that might change in season two." Yay!

What's to Come in Season Two? Sutter says of Wednesday's finale, "This episode is about the awareness of betrayal, there's also a sense of this family dealing with this tragedy and brothers coming together." As for the future, "Season two will be about alliances. My sense is that probably just a few weeks will have passed, in the story, because there's so much hanging in the balance."

Tune in for the finale of Sons of Anarchy this Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin