Miranda Lambert Adopts an Adorable Stray Kitten Off the Highway in Arkansas—See the Pic!

Blake Shelton's ex is no stranger to rescuing animals!

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 02, 2015 6:02 PMTags

So long, Blake SheltonMiranda Lambert has a new love in her life!

But put those claws away, y'all: Miranda's new buddy is a cat. That's right, the 31-year-old country singer has once again expanded her menagerie of animals, this time with a precious stray kitten her friend found on the side of a highway!

Miranda Instagrammed a sweet selfie with her new addition. She also provided a little back story to how she acquired her latest animal, writing, "When your friend @harps226 comes to visit and says 'oh by the way I picked up a stray kitten on the highway in Arkansas and it's in the garage'. And then she smile's this innocent smile. Guess who has a kitten now?"

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It seems as if Miranda's cat has a country-inspired name, too "Play me a song Curtis Loew Curtis Loew," she captioned the kitten's first pic. She also included the hashtags #friendsthatrescue #curtislowecat #cateyes and #ohlordy and tagged her beloved Mutt Nation Foundation.

In case you didn't already know from the countless pet pics she shares on social media, Miranda is a big-time animal lover and has been working with rescue for several years now. This upcoming Wednesday, in fact, she's heading to Nashville's Grand Olde Opry. She won't just be performing either—she's helping a "few of her four-legged friends" to find homes of their own!

Miranda gets a lot in return from her own four-legged friends, too. "My animals totally keep me grounded," she said in an interview with Modern Dog magazine. "They don't know 'Miranda Lambert' they know 'mom.' The first thing they want is to be fed or go outside. Even if it's snowing and 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside on tour, I have to get up and walk them. As soon as I get off stage they are waiting to greet me. They love the person I am even if I never sing another note."

Puppy love is one thing, but what went wrong with Miranda and Blake's relationship? Watch the clip below to see what the Voice coach has to say about divorce.