Jessica Alba Prank Calls The Honest Company With James Corden and Ben Schwartz—Watch Now!

Late-night talk show host pitched a variety of crazy ideas

By Francesca Bacardi Oct 02, 2015 4:22 PMTags

Everyone loves a good prank call, except maybe the person on the receiving end of it.

After learning that Jessica Alba's company, The Honest Company, accepts ideas on their customer service line, James Corden and Ben Schwartz decided they needed to take advantage of the opportunity—with the founder herself—on The Late Late Show last night. But when Corden pulled out a phone for them to dial the number, the Parks and Recreation alum couldn't believe what they were working with.

"To be fair, do you have an older phone we could use, or that one's fine?" Schwartz asked, while gesturing as if he had an old rotary phone.

"This is one of the most modern things in CBS Television City," Corden quipped. "Just so you know."

And then they kicked off their idea pitches, much to Alba's chagrin. Poor Hannah picked up the phone and had to deal with the "ideas" Corden and Schwartz thought of.


The first: Alba-Seltzer, AKA Alka-Seltzer, "but it's got a picture of Jessica Alba on the front," Corden explained. "It's bubbly like Jessica Alba."

"Just to give you the heads up it is Alka-Seltzer with a picture," Schwartz clarified. "That's it."

Their next idea was a tad more controversial: "The World's first reusable organic condoms."

"I'm assuming everybody's like me, and after they use the condom they turn it inside out and use it again," Schwartz said.

Hannah wasn't totally feeling it, but instead of shooting them down on the spot, she employed her best customer representative attitude and kept an open mind.

"The organic and the cotton sounds great," she said, adding, "the reusable be not as sanitary as you may think."

The late-night talk show host and comedian eventually revealed their identities and even confessed that Alba was with them the whole time, but not before pitching some other wild ideas. Watch the video to hear what else they want The Honest Company to make!

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