How to Get Away WIth Murder


Did anybody else need to cool down a bit after tonight's How to Get Away with Murder?

There was so much sex and almost sex and talk of sex that we almost felt inappropriate watching it at the office. Our coworkers may not have been able to hear Frank's little speech about toe-curling through our headphones, but they could definitely see us blushing. 

Of course, the sex was not the biggest bombshell of the episode. That honor goes to the ending flashforwards, in which Annalise was still lying on the floor of that mansion bleeding to death. 

The surprise was that her minions could have saved her, but they appeared to abandon her in order to save themselves from whatever was going on. 

The other surprise was that Annalise wasn't the only victim of whatever this crime is. The body of the prosecutor in the case against Nate was also shown at the scene, lookin' pretty darn dead, right after she revealed to Asher that she was the new prosecutor on the siblings' case. 

Fortunately, she's not a person we're particularly attached to after she skewered Annalise as much as possible in cross-examining her at Nate's preliminary trial. Sure, everything she said was correct and Annalise is a pretty shady lady, but on this show, you're often better off dead than going up against her. 

Elsewhere, Connor decided to tell practically everyone about Oliver's HIV, and since "everyone" included Asher, it led to a few awkward moments. 

Eve got Nate off the hook by making a serious case for Annalise being Sam's murderer even when she knew the court didn't have enough evidence to hold her, and then before we knew it, Annalise and Eve were engaging in some serious passion. 

That, paired with Frank talking about serious passion to make Laurel feel guilty/turned on/??? before refusing to be her "gigolo", just made tonight's episode a whole lot to handle. 

We also learned that Asher was working with the 

Unfortunately, no one went to a rave this week, which was a real shame, but the episode still had its very sexy merits. 

What did you think? Sound off in the comments!

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. 

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