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Jennifer Lawrence: Oscar-winning actress, Dior model and professional chubby bunny performer.

Yes, along with all of her existing talents, the actress is incredibly skilled at shoving marshmallows in her mouth.

She joined her Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson around the fire in an MTV News segment called "Camp Mockingjay."

As is typical when participating in a camp fire, the group attempted to tell some ghost stories and even played in a game of truth or dare.

When Hemsworth picks "truth," the actors were asked to dish on their co-stars' grossest habits. We find out that Hutcherson blows spit bubbles, and Lawrence never washes her hands…even after going to the bathroom (ew!).

But that's not the only fun tidbit of information we get about the actress.

During a dare, she's asked to see how many marshmallows she can shove in her mouth. She guesses that she'll be able to fit eight and, without hesitation, immediately begins testing her hypothesis.

She almost decides to quit when she gets to seven, but her good pal Liam makes sure she reaches her goal…eight it is!

The whole experience ends up sparking a memory for J.Law about a date she went on when she was 16.

"That really does remind me of a date, and I was like 16, and I was like chugging this icee, which are like 90% air or something," she recalls, reenacting how she slurped up the whole thing. "And then I burped, and it all reacted in my stomach and all the foam just started coming out of my mouth. And I was like, 'Oh well I'm not going to the bathroom!' So I just took the top off and all the foam was just slowly pouring out [of my mouth back into the cup.]"

Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Mockingjay Premiere

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

She adds, "So anyway that totally reminds me of dating! I don't know why I'm single!"

LOL! But it doesn't end there! After answering a "fan question" from Amy Schumer, Lawrence admits that she's not opposed to peeing in weird locations.

"I've peed in some sinks," she reveals. "When two girls go into a bathroom, someone's gotta take sink, and I actually like taking the sink."

When it comes to Jennifer Lawrence, we really do learn something new every day, don't we?

Check out the full video above!

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