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Photograph by Chris Colls and courtesy of The EDIT, NET-A-PORTER.com

Therapy works wonders for some people, but for others? Not so much.

Kate Winslet falls into that latter group. The 39-year-old actress opened up to Net-A-Porter about why talking about feelings with a professional is not her cup of tea, saying, "I tried therapy once and thought, 'Oh God, I could outsmart you, goodbye.' So I won't bother with that again."

Don't confuse the Steve Jobs star's confidence with arrogance, though. In fact, as she told Net-A-Porter, "The best way to be is to have absolutely no ego...Just go for it."

Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender

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The Oscar winner explained how she really wanted to play the role of Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs, but those calling the shots on the film didn't think she "was right for this part."

"Which is really OK," she said. "Girl doesn't have an ego. Girl. Doesn't. Have. An. Ego. So Girl turns round to Husband and says,  'Darling husband–this is lovely Ned [Rocknroll]–while I'm at work tomorrow please go to a wig shop, and it doesn't matter how s--t they are, just get me three brown wigs.'"

The next evening, Kate styled up one of those wigs, scrubbed all the makeup off her face, took a selfie, and emailed it to Steve Jobs producer Scott Rubin with nothing in the subject line...and she got the gig!

That's where her "have absolutely no ego" mantra came in! "I got myself a job that I really bloody wanted," she said. "This was: 'I ain't got nothing to lose, f--k it, just send the photo.' And it was lovely to be reminded of that feeling of early auditions, waiting for the phone to ring."

Steve Jobs hits theaters Oct. 25.

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