Chet Haze, Tom Hanks' Son, Instagram Selfie


Tom Hanks' 25-year-old son Chet is opening up about his struggle with addiction and has issued an apology after using a controversial word.

In November 2014, Chet, who had in the past gone by the rapper name Chet Haze, revealed he had battled substance abuse since age 16 and recently got sober. In June, he made headlines for using the N-word, on Instagram. Weeks later, an unconfirmed tabloid report said he had gone missing.

Chet deleted his Instagram posts and rejoined the social network last week and on Wednesday posted a slew of selfie videos. In some, he talked about his personal struggles. (Watch his videos below. Warning: They contain expletives.)

"Hey I just want to say, I know, like, my name's been in the media about me like, going missing or getting kidnapped or something...I've been in rehab," he said. "I've been trying to get my s--t together and I'm doing pretty damn good, you know what I'm saying?"

"I just had to really take a look at myself and my life and the way s--t was going and all the crazy, stupid s--t I was doing and just finally admit to myself that it wasn't working and I had to try something new and that thing was to not do any drugs or alcohol," he added.

He also addressed his use of the N-word, which he had initially defended.

"I know a lot of ya'll understood the point I was trying to make but the truth is, it's not my place to speak on that and I'm genuinely sorry for the people that I offended," he said in an Instagram video.

You know, at the end of the day, like, all that stupid s--t I was doing, like, that's not who I am, that's not who I want to be," he said. "And it's been a long journey for me discovering who I am because all the pressures that I've dealt with in my life, you know, being the son of my dad and everything and just trying to find where I fit in, you know?"

"I'm just really grateful for God and, you know, my family and friends that I have that might as well be family and you know, it's like little things, you know, that I've had to learn to really appreciate," he added.

He also thanked his supporters.

"You know, people that I don't even know that have, just saying, you know, say kind things to me along the way," he said. "It really helps me a lot and I just want to thank each and every one of you, for real."

He talked about what he had learned.

"I just had to realize something crazy and that, you know, cars, clothes, girls, guys, whatever your flavor is, that s--t is all cool but what's really cool is being a good man and walking with God, being a good person," he said.

"You know, money doesn't mean s--t," he added. "You know, you could spend your whole life chasing money, trying to get things to make you feel whole but what's the price you pay for that? Really, this s--t is all about helping other people."

And he got really candid about his past drug addiction.

"A couple months ago, I was selling coke, doing coke until I couldn't even snort it up my nose anymore 'cause it was so clogged," he said. "I even smoked crack. If I can change, you can change. There is a solution."

Alongside the video, Chet wrote, "I only say this to show y'all how real it is, not to glorify anything I've done. There's nothing glorious about bringing yourself closer to death and prison with each day of active addiction. I'm just giving y'all the raw realness to let y'all know that this s--t here really is not a game. It's life or death. And the solution is Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the surrendering of your will and your life over to a Higher Power of your own understanding."

"Thanks to everybody who listened to my story," he says. "You know, I'm done for now, but, again, if you're struggling with this s--t, get yourself to a meeting. You know, call some people, pray to God. If you don't believe in God, conduct yourself with somebody who does and just wait and watch the miracles that unfold."

Chet is Tom and Rita Wilson's eldest child together. They are also parents to son Truman Hanks. Tom also has a son, actor Colin Hanks, and daughter, Elizabeth Ann Hanks, from his first marriage, as well as two grandchildren.

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