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We're heading back to school in this week's round of our fave new game. Hope ya got your über-trendy Fendi thinking caps on, you're gonna need 'em!

Take a guess, then take a jump and find out how well ya scored! Make sure to use a No. 2 digital pencil, folks, and no cheating!

Awful's College Poll
Which one's true?

A) So not true. Only thing Pare-poo is following post-Madden is another round of drinks.

B) True! As the recent UCLA grad told us at L.A.'s Milk premiere, "Maybe I'll get in trouble with the Bruins for saying this, but I'm giving the commencement speech this spring." Are ya gonna sorta pretend to toke up while at the podium like ya did at the VMAs?

C) Even tho the squeaky-clean-seeming Ivy leaguer was known to indulge in a much less sophisticated way than what she shows to the press while attending the Boston uni, say her former classmates, N.P. still passed with flying colors. Has Nat ever made a wrong move in her life? Besides starring in those Star Wars flicks, ‘course.

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