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Facebook just went legit.

The company announced a big change to their mobile profile structure today. We can now have what we have always wanted: A moving video as a profile picture (or a GIF as the kids call it). Many of Facebook's features have been updated as of late, and many people have been annoyed by them, but it seems like this one is going to be a hit.

This update is in an effort to let users be more creative with their profile. It will also feature a ‘Bio' section where you can show off your personality—and deep love for Game of Thrones. You even have the option to curate five photos that will appear at the top of your profile. Just make sure and leave out that pic from the club last weekend.

The Facebook team is also aware of the ever-changing moods of their users, so they've also given us the option to temporarily change profile pictures. (According to the site, 26 million people used the Celebrate Pride filter for the Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage ruling,  so they're clearly capitalizing on a popular feature.) You'll be able to switch filters at your whim, and even choose the length of time you keep the filter up. If you're like us, you'll want to use these feature to showcase your cats—can we make #FelineAppreciationDay a thing?

Anyways, this update is a push to make the mobile site more visually engaging and to give diehard Facebook fans more control over their online persona. Facebook mobile users in the UK and California will be the first to test out these fun changes. Cheerio, and let us know how those GIFs work for you.

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