Grandmas are just precious.

This one in particular proved to be quite a hoot while attempting to read Drake and Future's lyrics for their new single "Jumpman," off their just-released collaborative mixtape What a Time to Be Alive.

Mary from The Golden Sisters begins to read the lyrics aloud, pronouncing "Chi-Town" as Chee-Town and asking, "What is that? China Town?" And continuously referring to "dopeman" as "dopamine" and sharing that her husband "had to take Dopamine when he had a heart attack, that's how I remember that word."

This G-ma (emphasis on the G) also noted at one point, "They gotta write this when they're drunk or high or something, it doesn't make sense."

And then she just got FED UP. "I don't wanna really know any of this STUPID POP-CULTURE, I'm not interested in it...This is not Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett," she said. "Jesus, Drake, I'm really ashamed of you, 'cause I know you're smart...He is, right?"

LOL. Aubrey, nana's pissed.

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