You might've thought you loved John Stamos already. That charm, that glorious head of hair, that face. Oh, that beautiful face. But you will love him EVEN MORE when you find out the secret skill he's been hiding from the world until now: He's incredible with children.

That's right, the gorgeous, ageless, childless actor is a self-proclaimed "baby whisperer." Hey, he worked with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House for the better part of a decade, so he had to have picked up some child-rearing skills.

"I'm good with babies. I'm the baby whisperer," the improbably 52-year-old star of the new Fox sitcom Grandfathered tells E! News at the Paley Center premiere of his series.

He's so good with kids, in fact, that he's not taking any chances should the new show be as successful as Full House.



"Our babies are so cute on the show. In fact, I just got them to sign a contract that if we do a reunion 25 years from now of Grandfathered, they have to be in it," he jokes. "I'm signing them up now."

On Grandfathered, Stamos plays a lifelong bachelor who's suddenly stunned by the news that not only is he the father—of the twentysomething Gerald (Josh Peck), no less—but a grandfather as well, to Gerald's baby daughter, Edie.

While the jury's out as to whether the new cute baby in town can rise to Olsen-level stardom, there's one thing for sure: "She doesn't have the money the Olsens have," jokes Stamos.

Grandfathered, which also stars Paget Brewster and Christina Milian, debuts tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox, followed by the premiere of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage's new sitcom, The Grinder.

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