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Podcast listeners of America, it's time to lower your collective expectations for Serial.

Now, this statement isn't something to be taken lightly. The show's fans are incredibly serious, so much so that most of them are still following Adnan Syed's case more than a year after they binged through all of the first season's episodes. If anyone wants to know how passionate fans are about Serial, just throw out a question about Syed's guilt at your next dinner party. Or speculate on the topic of next season's show. Either one will incite very large reactions.

That's precisely why said fans have been closely following news surrounding host and producer Sarah Koenig's plans for follow-up cases. Every rumor and announcement is met with enormous excitement, scrutiny and theorizing. But it seems that Koenig herself wants us all to take it down a notch. 

The This American Life staffer spoke at a presentation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night, and naturally the question of the next season's investigation came up. As most fans know, the latest rumor has Koenig and her team circling the Bowe Bergdahl mystery, but she chose to keep mum on the whole thing. She even went a step further and warned all the Serial crazies out there to just quit it on the whole excitement thing—Sarah Koenig doesn't think we're gonna care that much the second time around.

"I really miss the days when nobody gave a crap what I was doing," Koenig started off with. "I wish I wasn't worrying that sources were going to call somebody and be like, ‘Guess who I just talked to.' It'd be nice to just be like a troll in my basement again." Her fellow Serial producer chimed in to say that the time for troll-ness may be coming. 

"We're really not planning on having the same response that we had in season one," she said. "and frankly, we're really totally okay with that." 


Sure, part of the reason that the first season of Serial blew up so much was that it was the audience's first foray into mystery podcasting, but let's have a little hope here! They may be okay with a lackluster response and a return to the days of insignificance, but the fans certainly are not. We'd like to be able to obsess and obsess over whatever the season two case is, please. Especially if it's about Bowe Bergdahl.

We'll just keep the faith for you, Sarah.

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