Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Heroes

Trae Patton/NBC

Spoiler alert: "The cheerleader is a dude!"

"Horn-Rimmed Glasses gets contacts! Deal with it!"

These are just a few of the "hot spoilers" that Heroes' latest newcomers Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are spilling on what's ahead for the NBC cult series. (Do we get you the scoop or what, people?!)

The real-life besties make their first appearance tonight, so we hit the Heroes set for the 411 and found out Seth is actually hoping this is a stopover on the way to Lost island...

Turns out Seth's good friend and recently axed executive producer Jeph Loeb got him the gig on Heroes. But it wasn't necessarily his first choice!

"When Jeph was on Lost I called him all the time to get on the show," Seth says. He adds that it "didn't quite work out," but he would still love to do a guest spot at some point and hasn't given up hope. Damon, Carlton, don't you have room for a redheaded meat sock or Other?

In the meantime, Seth and Breckin join Heroes tonight, for one of two, possibly three episodes, playing comic-book guys Sam (Seth) and Frack (Breckin), who meet up with Ando (James Kyson Lee) and Hiro (Masi Oka).

"We're trying to figure out the effects of the eclipse, and why some of the people are losing their abilities, and if there's a correlation," Lee explains. So it's up to Sam (the store owner) and Frack (a regular) to do some digging, care of 9th Wonders. Breckin adds, "I know that we're kind of the innocents, the keepers of the comic book, so they should be coming to us a lot to get 9th Wonders."

Any chance they are superpowered comic book guys? "I know Seth was really lobbying for powers," says Breckin. "If I could fly, it'd be pretty cool too...But no, we didn't get any powers."

Will they be back? If it's up to Seth they will: "I love this show, I want to be on it all the time."

See if you love them on the show in the sneak peek of tonight's ep below...

—Reporting by Natalie Abrams

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