Gwen Stefani

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Chasing Fireflies

There's not a lot Gwen Stefani hasn't done to her hair—this slick bun from last night included.

From sky blue pixies to bubblegum lobs and black-and-blonde mashups, Gwen's never encountered a hair dare she didn't just love. And why would she ever back down from a crazy style? The Voice judge is one of the few stars who can actually pull off insane hairdos and get away with it, meaning that sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming up her next big transformation in the tresses department.  

"I am constantly trying to do new things to my hair. It's hard when you're me; I feel like I've done a lot with it!" the 45-year-old told E! News exclusively at her Harajuku Lovers fall presentation with Chasing Fireflies.

Gwen Stefani, Hair

"I probably wouldn't dye the whole thing black, but you know what I absolutely would never do?," she told E! News. "What I would never do probably is—well, I shouldn't say never because one day I will do it—but I will never go natural. What even is natural hair anymore?!"

She's got a point there—Gwen's had so many hairstyles at this point, going back to her natural roots is pretty much out of the question. But hey, nobody's complaining here, and we happen to dig her typically platinum tresses. 

But in case you're asking us, Gwen… If you're in the market for ideas, perhaps it's time to give rainbow hair a go.

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