How to Get Away WIth Murder


Well that was not what we were expecting!

Rebecca's killer has been revealed, and that was not even the biggest surprise from How to Get Away with Murder's insane premiere. 

First things first, it turns out Rebecca was offed by Bonnie (Liza Weil), who explained that "bad things" had happened to her too, but she grew up and got over it, unlike Rebecca, apparently. Bonnie claimed she didn't believe that Rebecca hadn't killed Lila, so she taped up her mouth and put a bag over her head while we screamed, "No, Paris Geller! No!" 

Meanwhile, Famke Janssen arrived to allude to a mysterious past with Annalise, and that mysterious past turned out to be a romance! The two were in a serious relationship until Annalise left Famke Janssen (whose character name we did not catch) for Sam (bad idea!). They ended up makin' out, and we've never been happier. 

How to Get Away WIth Murder


Up next, it was obviously time for Annalise and her baby lawyers to let loose (very loose) at a rave, which was a scene that was both less and more ridiculous than you might imagine it would be. 

As all this killing and raving and making out was happening, there was also a case going on. At first we thought it was just another case-of-the-week situation with two adopted siblings accused of killing their very rich parents, until a flash-forward showed us that it was clearly something more dangerous. 

Two months later, in the giant house of the two accused siblings, Annalise lay bleeding on the floor while Wes ran away, and yet another mystery has been set up.

So what's going on? Hit the comments with your theories! 

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