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Maddie Ziegler is giving us all a little something to relate to with her latest project.

The Dance Moms star-turned-Sia muse is about to turn 13-years-old—yeah, she's currently only 12—on Sept. 30, and in order to ring in her teenage years, she's starring in a short film for i-D magazine titled "Lucky Thirteen" that's dedicated to the coming of age.

The video, which is directed by Bunny Kinney, is "an ode to being a 13-year-old girl, entering your teens and being yourself no matter what," according to Ravi Amartunga, i-D's global director of video.

Chloë Sevigny narrates the video, reading passages from Dear Diary by Leslie Arfin.

"In a parallel universe I was never hated in junior high. I was never the most popular, but definitely not the most hated either," Sevigny reads as the video opens, showing Ziegler sitting in her bed, writing in her own diary.

"I would go to a state college, and find a boring job one day, where I would sit in a cubicle," she continues. "This is always how I pictured that my life would have turned out, had my junior high school experience not been so traumatizing."

The video hops back and forth, featuring Ziegler in various locations—a classroom, a restaurant, her bedroom and outdoors on a bike.

Maddie Ziegler, Christian Siriano, NYFW

Hao Zeng

"So every day I thank God I was miserable. Seriously. I'm so glad it was a nightmare. It could have been a lot worse. And sometimes, when I feel like I'm boring, I actually wish it were."

Music then begins playing in the background as Ziegler dances around, showcasing the passionate moves and choreography she's become known for and making us all remember what it was like dancing through those early teenage years ourselves.

This is just the latest of exciting experiences for the soon-to-be birthday girl. Most recently, she became a certified fashionista while attending New York Fashion Week!

Happy (almost) birthday to the rising star!

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