Eric Decker Shows Off His Washboard Abs in Flaunt Magazine—See the Sexy, Shirtless Pic!

Football players flaunts body and talks football

By Kendall Fisher Sep 24, 2015 7:28 PMTags
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Happy Thursday…Eric Decker is shirtless!

Yup, the New York Jets player strips down and shows off his washboard abs in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, giving us a glimpse at what Jessie James Decker gets to enjoy all the time (the envy is real).

Posing in sit-up position with his bulging arms positioned behind his head, Eric smiles while looking off toward the distance in the black and white photo.

But more than just his hot bod, Eric gets to chatting about many of the different facets that make up his character.

For example, he has an overwhelming desire to strive for greatness. "Anything I do, I want to win," he tells the publication. "I guess it's just instilled in me."

Eric says that part of his success, especially on the football field, comes with two things: meditation and superstition.

Meditation is something the athlete picked up from his college baseball days in Minnesota. "The positive reinforcements, the visualization part of it, help you to be successful, especially in baseball where it's a ‘fear of failure' sport. So if you can kind of be in that zone, so to speak, it just helps relax you. It just lets your athletic ability take over."

He also can't help but admit to having some superstitions and pre-game rituals.

"I always usually have the same equipment guy put on my jersey and I wear double-sided tape on my pads so that the jersey lays a certain way," he reveals.

Off the field, however, Eric is a bit more lenient with what he wears.

"I always like to be in jeans and a t-shirt," he explains. "But then I also like to get dressed up when we go to events or even travel for games. [I like] wearing suits and driving a nice car."


But when he gets home from traveling and attending events and finally gets to spend time with his wife and two kids—the couple just welcomed their second child into the world last month—he admits it's difficult to not be a homebody.

"Sometimes we have to push ourselves to get out of the house," the NY Jet explains, "because we travel so much and are busy with our lifestyles it's just so nice to be home."

For more from his interview, head over to Flaunt.

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